3Commas Coffee | Capsule Coffee that Doesn’t Require A Machine

We imagine how convenient this can be, especially on days when we’re travelling.

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Mr B and I are observing an increasing frequency of coffee consumption and burgeoning reliance on coffee. It seems some matters only become precious to us as we age. We have a single serve coffee machine at home but the thought of cleaning it after each use dissuades us from using it on a daily basis. What a lazy jerk, I know. One unarranged encounter of 3Commas Coffee sparkles our new hope for fuss-free coffee.

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3Commas Coffee: Love at first sight.

We purchased the trial pack (The Trio) via Shopee and received the product within two days from date of purchase. The parcel was carefully bubble-wrapped, so the packaging box did not see a sign of dent. The capsules’ design was cute! The capsules did look like small, colourful pots. In order to maintain the freshness of coffee, the manufacturer use aluminium and nitrogen to seal each capsule. Proclaimed that no preservatives were added, every capsule must be treated with care.

The capsules are easily recognisable, with

Grey : The Light, light roast, beans of Kenya origin
Red : The Medium, medium roast, beans of Brazil origin
Black : The Dark, dark roast, beans of Ethiopia origin

3Commas Coffee: Instant Good Quality

3Commas Coffee is pre-ground coffee powder capsule, to be more exact, the product is more inclined towards the concept of instant coffee. Therefore, no machine is required in making the cup of coffee. The ground coffee is brewed by cold-drip method and followed by -40°C processing stages to ensure the maximum preservation of aroma and tastes.

This is definitely a more exquisite way of defining “quality instant coffee”.

3Commas Coffee: How to Enjoy It

In the packaging box, there is a step-by-step method to guide new customers to enjoying 3Commas Coffee.

– Firstly, peel off the seal carefully.
– Then, pour the ground coffee into 250-300ml of water, milk, oat milk or soy milk. It’s your cup of coffee, so it’s your choice. The ground coffee mixes well with liquid of any temperature, isn’t that convenient?
– Finally, stir well and enjoy!

I am in the midst of a strict diet, so I made myself a cup of long black, and I absolutely like the slight acidity of it. It has a totally different tasting note as to compare to other instant coffees available in the current market. Of course, if you’d like, you can make yourself a fancier cup of coffee off it, latte or mocha, the choice is yours. It’s versatile and adaptable.

3Commas Coffee: Ideal Gift Idea

As mentioned earlier, I think I am growing fonder of coffee these days. 3Commas Coffee makes an ideal gift to those who travel frequently (like me, haha), because the capsule size is very pocketable, and its core selling point of “no machine required” is a boon to those on-the-go.

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