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Jom EAT! // Bari-Uma Ramen @ MyTown Shopping Centre

Bari-Uma Ramen must have cast a spell on me so I couldn’t resist but going back for more.

Japanese ramen is one of our comfort food selections. It’s always a good idea on rainy days, when the hot broth streams down the throat, the satisfaction is beyond words. Out of the many Japanese-grown ramen brands in Malaysia, Bari-Uma Ramen remains one of my favourites. Its brand name “Bari-Uma” literally means super tasty (bari = “super”, uma = “tasty). It has been successfully developed in Japan and expanded to other countries including Malaysia. Right now, there are 4 Bari-Uma Ramen outlets in Malaysia, located in Jaya Shopping Centre, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang, MyTown Cheras and Pavillion Shopping Mall KL.30

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Bari-Uma Ramen @ MyTown Cheras

Bari-Uma in MyTown Shopping Centre has a relatively simple and fuss-free restaurant design. Well, we were there for food so we don’t actually mind how the shop looked like, as long as it’s hygienic and wouldn’t cause discomfort after meal, everything would just be fine.

Bari-Uma takes its pride in their homemade ramen and super rich tonkotsu (pork bone) broth. It’s their confidence in food they prepare that there is a TV screen on their feature wall, showcasing how every bowl of ramen is prepared. It was Christmas 2020 long weekend, we were still in the festive mood but there weren’t many customers at the time we were there (so more comfort). Wheeee!

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Ajitama-Uma (RM27.90)

Description: Pork flavoured shoyu soup “Ajitama” with thick-cut flamed chashu. The bowl of ramen also came with spring onion and an ajitama egg.

Our main reason of being in Bami-Uma was definitely for their super rich tonkotsu shoyu ramen. The essence of ramen is the broth. In Bami-Uma, the tonkotsu broth is made of carefully selected ingredients like potherb, chicken feet, pork bone and etc, prepared under hygienic condition and boiled together for more than 10 hours. The final product a.k.a the broth, is creamy and rich. We didn’t want to waste any single droplet of it. The ramen, as mentioned earlier, was made in-house. The chewy and springy ramen, with rich tonkotsu broth clinging onto every strand, was a great delight. AND the delight didn’t only pause there – the thick-cut chashu was a surprise bomb! Since it’s a thick-cut, the chashu was expectedly of better mouthfeel, we liked the proportion of fats and lean part of the pork belly, when flamed, the smokey flavour was simply irresistible. Such a delightful bowl of ramen.

Tan Tan Men Set (RM27.90)

Description: Japanese take on Sichuan Dan Dan noodles. This came in spicy broth, with pork mince and juliennes of spring onion as topping.

After our previous trip to Kyoto, Japan in November 2019 (read here), we fell in love with Japanese version of tan tan noodles. It’s a kind of ramen in spicy broth with spicy pork mince on top. Usually, it comes with lots of sesame seeds for the extra aroma. Tan Tan Men in Bari-Uma is a seasonal item, so we just had to try it before it’s gone! We ordered a whole set which came with 2 pieces of chicken karaage and agedashi tofu.

The tan tan men somehow reminded us of the trip – and the morning when we were so stuffed with all the good food from Nishiki Market but still didn’t want to miss the opportunity of having a bowl of tan tan men. The soup might look scarily red and spicy but we found it very, very mildly spiced, I guess even people with zero tolerance against spicy food will find this palatably pleasing. Again, the ramen texture added more credits to this bowl of noodles. We easily slurped everything down. Although not as much a wow factor as their signature tonkotsu ramen, it’s a worthy bowl of noodles.

Side dishes of chicken karaage and agedashi tofu were good too. During our previous visits, we had always ordered their chicken karaage. However, if you do not wish to order a whole set, à la carte order of tan tan men is available at RM23.90.

Bari-Uma is a real game changer in the Japanese ramen scene in Malaysia. We always walk out of the restaurant feeling completely contented and secretly enjoying the luscious aftertaste lingering in mouth.

What do we think about Bari-Uma?

It’s simple – walk in and expect a good, hearty bowl of ramen, and you will walk out feeling satisfied. Compared to its counterparts, Bari-Uma has a menu more affordably priced but persistently serving authentic and addictive ramen.

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Bari-Uma Ramen @ MyTown Shopping Centre

📍 Address: L1-035 Level 1, MyTown Shopping Centre, 2B, Jalan Cochrane, Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 10:30AM – 9:30PM, Daily
☎️ Phone: +60374905356
🚗 Parking: It’s located in a shopping centre and there is a multi-level parking in the mall 🙂


  1. Bari-Uma’s menu is here
  2. Follow their Facebook for latest update: Bari-Uma Facebook page
  3. As COVID-19 outbreak may change your dine-out habit, you can order from Bari-Uma and have the ramen delivered to your doorstep. Order here.


Ambience: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2
Quality of Food: ⭐ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2
Price: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 1/2

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