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Jom EAT! // Bottega Mediterranea @ Jalan Ceylon

The whole experience was essentially moreish, it brought back fond memories. It’s true that good food touches not only stomach, but also our souls.

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Mr B and I share a wealth of fond memories from our European trips. These two years when we weren’t able to travel internationally, food-hunting becomes a fruitful affair. Prior to this, we were over the moon to find Der Backmeister in Bangsar, serving fantastic German food. Last week, as we were driving around Bukit Bintang area, we stumbled upon Bottega Mediterranea, a deli shop cum café in the quieter nook and we couldn’t take our eyes off it.

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The exterior of Bottega Mediterranea
▲ The exterior of Bottega Mediterranea

How to Get to Bottega Mediterranea?

The shop is located at Jalan Ceylon. One can easily pass it by without noticing it, for the shop itself is in the compound of an old, vintage building. There are few (to be exact, two) parking bays in the porch. However, this is absolutely insufficient. While parking can be a headache around the area, we would tirelessly advise parking at legal parking spaces. The exact location of Bottega Mediterranea:

The signboard of Bottega Mediterranea
▲ If you couldn’t locate the shop, there is a small, round signboard just right outside the compound.

About the Grocer

Perhaps we have a soft spot for vintage house. It feels like we’re stepping back in time, finding a secretive, hidden corner to retreat from hectic schedule. Time magically slows down in pace, mind leisurely takes a break. This family-owned business started as an importer of the freshest products from Italy, France and Spain. Their passion for quality is comprehensibly manifested on the shelves of the grocery section.

Grocer in Bottega Mediterranea
▲ The true European grocer
Grocer in Bottega Mediterranea
▶︎ Various sauces
Grocer in Bottega Mediterranea
▲ Flavoured herbal oils
Grocer in Bottega Mediterranea
▶︎ Truffle oil
Grocer in Bottega Mediterranea
▲ Handmade frozen products

In fact, we had a great time exploring the items on the shelves. It’s an eye-opening experience no one can resist: from sauces, oils, pastas, canned food, pickles, to items more foreign to the shelves of common local supermarkets, such as paella kit, we were having a round of treasure hunt.

Cured meat and cold cuts in Bottega Mediterranea
▲ We were obsessed with the selection of cured meat here.
Cheeses in Bottega Mediterranea
▶︎ The assortment of cheeses. It’s the cheese-lovers’ paradise.

About the Deli

It didn’t take long before the family business took a bold step forward and opened up a deli. This marked a new phase of Bottega, and it was surely a boon to many. We would like to categorise this compact deli as a “neighbourhood café” but quickly shrug the thought off. Each day, Bottega Mediterranea receives handfuls of customers from in and around (or even further) to enjoy undisturbed retreat from restless daily itineraries.

The deli-cum-café section serves all-day dining, wine & board platters, and daily aperitivos (happy hour). 

The Menu

  • Bottega Mediterranea's menu
  • Bottega Mediterranea's menu
  • Bottega Mediterranea's menu
  • Bottega Mediterranea's menu

Alternatively, you can view the menu and order delivery through their website.

Our dining experience in Bottega Mediterranea

Discovering Bottega Mediterranea could be one of the best moments in March 2022. We initially planned to only explore the grocer but then could not resist the temptation of sampling some items on their menu. As we stepped into the deli section, we immediately felt much relaxed from the afternoon heat. However, there really wasn’t much to talk about the decor, everything was basic and fuss-free, in a good way.

Dining room in Bottega Mediterranea
▶︎ One of the dining rooms. Everything was basic and fuss-free. It’s the food that will steal our souls.
Wine in Bottega Mediterranea
▲ A shelf of wine. All imported.
▶︎ Founder Riccardo Ferrarotti from Piedmont, a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland
▲ Newspaper and magazine clippings indicate the successful story of Bottega

The waiting staff was super attentive and helpful. After guiding us through the ordering system, we asked for their recommendation, which they were happy to help.

Charcuterie: A teleport to memories
Charcuterie of Bottega Mediterranea

The platter of ham-salami-cheese was an instant star! It was so good and sparked many memories. I told Mr B how I remembered shopping in a local supermarket in Germany before driving across Swiss border and got ourselves one of the cheapest (only €1.99!) but finest pack of salami as our road trip snack. We exchanged a lot of laughable stories from our previous trips. That being said, food you sample in every journey you take will eventually turn into a magical trigger later on. These are tastes you won’t forget – and we truly thank Bottega Mediterranea for sparking these memories in that lazy afternoon. According to the staff, the selection of ham, salami and cheese placed on the board can vary from order to order.

Charcuterie of Bottega Mediterranea
▲ These were what we got that day.
Family-Recipe Tiramisu: Italy’s Pick Me Up Dessert

When the tiramisu, in a food container, arrived on our table, it surely did look unassuming. Obviously, we stereotyped desserts as something fancier in appearance. Don’t judge a book by its cover! The tiramisu was creamy and lavish, with the espresso-soaked ladyfingers surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich mascarpone, totally addictive. Although we weren’t sure if this was the right compliment for a dessert, it surely wasn’t too diabetically sweet. We loved it!

Tiramisu of Bottega Mediterranea
▲ At RM18 per portion, it’s good to share between two of us.


Depending on what is ordered, the spending in Bottega Mediterranea can be around RM40+/pax. We consider this a fairly reasonable price to pay for such an outstanding experience. It’s the valuable memories that count. Bravo, to the team!

The interior of Bottega Mediterranea

Bottega Mediterranea @ Jalan Ceylon

🏠 1A, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur【GoogleMaps
☎️ 0320704222
⏰ 11AM~10PM(Closed on Sundays)

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