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The Best Neighbourhood Park @ Bukit Jalil Park

You and you who live in Bukit Jalil, I’m officially jealous of you.

We haven’t heard much about Bukit Jalil Park (Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil) previously. Located in the southern suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, about 20km from the city centre, this recreational park has gained much popularity among residents living nearby. We visited the park last weekend and thought it should be given due exposure – it’s a great recreational park.

Over the weekend, we spent our time gathering with Billy’s family in Sepang. Everything was great – except Zyan wouldn’t take a nap despite being all tired. He’d rather cry crankily (seriously there might be a hundred unidentified reasons why he wanted to be so). Billy is a loving daddy. He quickly gave in and suggested we should make a move and let Zyan take his afternoon nap in the carseat. Brilliant. He knows how things work, doesn’t he?

Zyan was quick asleep. When I say quick, I mean within a minute after the car began moving? Yes, I know. Witty toddler’s world is hard to comprehend. We initially wanted to spend the rest of the day in Putrajaya, but that was only a short distance away – I was sure Zyan needed more sleep. We had to drive further. “What about Bukit Jalil?” Billy can be a genius sometimes.

All about our Day Trip in Putrajaya

Bukit Jalil Park is a total surprise. Covering an 80-acre site, the park was built on gently sloping terrain. The whole park was shrouded in lush greenery. We like the many trails around the park – made ideal for jogging and walking, and very stroller-friendly too! It was late afternoon when we arrived and the place seemed almost vacant – only few families were there picnicking and some children scurrying around happily.

There are quite a number of picnic facilities in the park, and also a children’s playground. We consider this is completely a family recreational park. There are also lakes in the middle of the park, where we saw some families with children feeding the fish there with bread. As evening drew near, more people have come to this park for exercises – some jogged around the park, some did so around the lake, some made use of the exercise stations available.

We also like the lake in Sentul Park – a hidden gem

I couldn’t help but to think this is an awesome evening. Zyan particularly liked the animals he saw along the trail. From monitor lizard in the bushes to huge catfish in the lake – to little monkeys on the trees, they were all new in his eyes.

Since it was an impromptu plan, nothing much was planned. We didn’t even study about the place beforehand, and only noticed we missed out some interesting features of the park after we’d left. However, we were truly amazed by the upkeep and facilities of Bukit Jalil Park. Although the park needs some effort in maintenance, we consider this an ideal spot for recreational purposes. In the midst of rapid development, Bukit Jalil Park is like an undisturbed serenity that city folks would appreciate.

We will definitely return one day because we can’t miss the opportunity of having a picnic here. Teehee.

Opening Hours and Location

Opening Hours: 6AM – 8PM, Daily

After the short stopover in Bukit Jalil Park, we made our way to Sri Petaling for dinner. I appreciate every moment spent with Billy and Zyan. It’s through all these minor outings we find peace and strength of us as a family.

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