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Foodie Trip // A Day Trip in Ipoh

Travelling up north is a fun trip to do. Not for other reasons but…

… to eat. During Awal Muharram holiday, we made a short getaway trip to Ipoh (and Penang). From Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is approximately 200km away, depending on the route you take, the drive should be slightly over 2 hours. It makes all sense to travel to Ipoh for a day trip – just to savour good food it has to offer. This article is a recount on what we did on that day.

If you are not planning to drive, a train ride is an ideal choice. You can refer to KTMB website to check on ETS Train from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.


This is the Chinese version of our recount of Foodie Trip in Ipoh

At noon & In the afternoon

12:45PM – We arrived in Ipoh around noon. After communicating with the host of homestay, we decided to head for lunch prior to check-in. Our first stop was Restoran Choong Kee “Pokok Besar”. It’s famous for its stuffed ingredients, a.k.a yong tau foo, we’ve heard of good remarks about this eatery, but found it rather below expectation.

We have a review on Restoran Choong Kee “Pokok Besar” @ Ipoh, check it out!

2:00PM – We had another hour before the official check-in time, and that means it’s possible to slot in a short itinerary. We have been to Ipoh numerous times, but didn’t summon enough urge to visit Concubine Lane. So why not? We knew this spot is supposed to be touristy (it indeed is), but with the façades of shops so delicately portraying the historic charm of the lane, we somehow found it a good spot for photoshooting. With pop-up stalls lining up both sides of the street selling a variety of items, it can easily kill time. Here, we had a bowl of longan sweet soup with soy pudding – cooling and refreshing.

In the evening

6:30PM – After check-in at 3PM, we took a few-hour break to escape the tropical heat. In the evening, the heat wore off and it’s time for dinner. Many tourists to Ipoh will not miss the chance to savour the famous Bean Sprout & Chicken(芽菜雞). I am not in the mood to debate which restaurant serves the best of this dish, nor am I in the mood for any chicken dishes on that day. Instead, we dropped by Restoran Tuck Kee(德記茶餐室)to sample their signature dish, Moonlight Hor Fun. Together with it, we ordered blanched Bean Sprout and Baby Octopus in Soy Sauce.

8:00PM – Once in Ipoh, make every inch of space in stomach to optimum usage. After dinner at Restoran Tuck Kee, we made our way to Tong Sui Kai(糖水街)located not far away from our dinner place. It’s a row of makeshift stalls selling mainly traditional and trendy desserts and light street food. Some stalls do sell comfort food like noodles, too. Most stalls were fully occupied. Since the stalls must abide by regulations under RMCO, fewer tables and chairs were available. When in Tong Sui Kai, order desserts and drinks from the stall where you patronise, while foods can be ordered from neighbouring stalls. This is an unwritten mutual agreement among stall operators there.

Tong Sui Kai(糖水街)

The next morning

9:30AM – Before leaving Ipoh for Penang, the last hurrah was at Restoran Thean Chun 天津茶室, located just right outside one end of Concubine Lane. Known for serving hearty local breakfast, we regretted to find Shredded Chicken Hor Fun(雞絲河粉)was not open that day. In fact, it was not open the previous time we were there too. AH, HOW UNFORTUNATE. We ended up ordering Egg Caramel Custard (another signature), Pork & Pig Intestine Satay, and Chee Cheong Fun. It was great but I truly missed the Shredded Chicken Hor Fun. :/

11:30AM – We left Ipoh at around noon. A short day trip in Ipoh, indeed, but we couldn’t wait for another foodie spree in Penang!


As a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, Malaysia has cultivated a kaleidoscopic culinary delight. A foodie trip to Ipoh is deliciously enriching.


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