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Jom EAT! // Loodeemee @ Subang Business Centre

This is a very creative take on traditional kuih. And it’s surprisingly enjoyable.

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As with Baby Z’s enrolment to pre-school early this year, Mr B and I have to kick-start a new routine. The new routine is toiling and challenging to night owls like us. The only good thing I sift from waking up early in the morning is the opportunity to discover many breakfast eateries which were previously unknown to us. Yup, we skipped breakfast back then. The new discoveries are like a huge bubble exploding before us, we feel adventurous. So that day, we came across Loodeemee in Subang Jaya serving creative kuih(s).

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Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya

How to Get to Loodeemee?

Loodeemee is located within Subang Business Centre in Subang Jaya. The area is popular among foodies for there are several really good spots for makan-makan such as Restoran Warisan Sambal Opah (affordable, tasty nasi lemak), USJ Chilli Pan Mee and Restaurant Ah Koong (fish ball noodles!). The exact location of Loodeemee:

The parking in this area is a sore as it fills up most of the time. We arrived before 9AM and were unable to find any. If you have to double park, please leave your contact details so you can promptly remove your car when necessary. I would say this small shop can easily go unnoticed, as its signboard is partially obstructed by the yellow, huge signboard of neighbouring chilli pan mee shop.

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya

Loodeemee: The Interior

The shop is really petite. Half of the shop has been converted into bar and kitchen area while the other half is equipped with tables and chairs which can accommodate 10 customers at one time, at its maximum capacity.

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: The Interior
Photo | The interior of the shop is relatively small.
Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: The Interior
Photo | The various types of kuih available.

Loodeemee: The Menu

Kuih is their main item on the menu and they serve a variety of flavours. Apart from that, you can also order items like Chee Cheong Fun, Pancake and etc.

  • Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: Menu
  • Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: Menu

Loodeemee: The Food

Assorted Kuih(s)

We ordered three different flavours: Coconut and Sugar Melaka (green), Yam (purple) and Sweet Mung Bean (yellow). Loodeemee’s kuih is unique because everything is made from 100% natural ingredients, including the outer layer, which uses natural colouring from the ingredients. Green is from pandan leaf juice, purple is from sweet potato while yellow is from pumpkin. Although the kuih here is relatively more expensive than other places, we found it acceptable, because of the quality.

The filling adds to the creative take too! Apart from the usual red bean and mung bean ones, there are also other flavours such as sesame, peanut, chocolate and etc, we were spoilt for choice. The outer layer (a.k.a the skin) was softer than expected and resembled the texture of thin mochi. As for the filling, we thought it was too sweet for us, but the texture was great – not smooth-paste like, rather grainy. Overall, we liked the kuih here.

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: Food
Fried Mushroom and Chicken Chee Cheong Fun

Just when we thought ‘fried mushroom and chicken’ version here was supposed to mean the gravy type we used to enjoy during our childhood years, we were clearly wrong. The chee cheong fun here was paired with sweet sauce(甜醬) and topped with a generous layer of mushroom and chicken slices. Not my personal favourite, but a good try.

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: Food
Pumpkin Cake

Initially, we wanted to order radish cake but were told it sold off early in the morning. Therefore, Mr B ordered pumpkin cake instead. Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of this type of cake. It was better than most of the pumpkin cake you could get from any roadside stall. The texture was firm, you could tell how much of good ingredients they use in making the cake. The chilli paste at side was spicier than I would like, probably too much to handle in a morning like this.

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: Food

As the sweet ending to our breakfast hunt that day, we had the typical Malaysian style cendol. I must admit that this was a pleasant surprise, with so many different ingredients in a bowl. Stirring together cendol, red beans, sweet corn, peanut and shaved ice, topped with coconut milk and sugar melaka, the flavour was a bomb! We truly enjoyed the bowl of cendol. The only puzzling matter here was the slight hint of saltiness at the bottom of the bowl. Nevertheless, we would always consider this a delightful bowl of dessert.

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya: Food

Loodeemee @ Subang Jaya

🏠 45-1, Jalan USJ 9/5s, Subang Business Centre, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor【GoogleMaps
☎️ 01111220533
⏰ 8:30AM~6PM(Closed on Sundays)

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