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Jom EAT! // NALE The Nasi Lemak Company @ Mid Valley Megamall

I can’t stress enough how much I love Nasi Lemak. There are many reasons why I’m proud to be a Malaysian. This is definitely one of them.

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Nasi Lemak is my favourite Malaysian dish. To date, nothing can contest this statement yet and I foresee it remains unbeatable for many years to come. Whenever we are away on a long-term travel plan, nasi lemak is our root cause for homesickness, and our number-1-go-for dish as soon as we return. When we passed by NALE The Nasi Lemak Company at Mid Valley Megamall that day, we just couldn’t walk away.

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NALE The Nasi Lemak Company, Mid Valley Megamall

How to Get to NALE The Nasi Lemak Company?

There are a few branches of Nalé (The Nasi Lemak Company) in Klang Valley area. The one we went to was in Mid Valley Megamall. It is located between Chilli’s and Palsaik Korean BBQ. For the exact location, do refer to Mid Valley’s directory.

NALE The Nasi Lemak Company, Mid Valley Megamall

The shop is decently decorated to display the uniqueness of tropical rainforest.

NALE: The Food

As an eatery specialising in Nasi Lemak, NALE devotes their best in refining this national dish. From its menu, Nasi Lemak is categorised into a few types, namely Nasi Lemak Signature, Nasi Lemak Premium, Nasi Lemak Classic and Nasi Lemak Goreng. Every nasi lemak can opt for an upgrade with additional dish, such as Ayam Goreng Berempah, rendang and etc. All items are seemingly interesting. If you’re not a fan of Nasi Lemak, fret not, as there’s another Malaysians’ favourite, Indomie Goreng, on the menu. Indomie may seem a little basic (tho fairly loved by Malaysians), but when added special dishes onto it, it’s like given it an instant lift!

Nasi Lemak Ayam Bakar NALÉ

This dish was served on two separate plates. On one, there was classic nasi lemak: rice cooked in coconut milk and other classic nasi lemak condiments, such as sambal, toasted peanuts, ikan bilis, sliced cucumber and hard-boiled egg. While on the other plate, a piece of flame-grilled 1/4 chicken (we got chicken whole leg) drizzled with Nalé sauce. Perhaps we had placed too much expectation on the nasi lemak, it didn’t turn out to be a wow factor. Don’t get me wrong – the flavour of this nasi lemak is above average, everything on the plate was pretty on par with what a classic serving of nasi lemak should be. But that’s it, nothing more than that to put us in awe.

However, the grilled chicken was simply succulent and finger-licking good. Flame-grilled to slight charred, the piece of chicken leg was juicy and tender, properly flavoured with smokiness. The marinade must have done a lot of wonder to the subtle sweetness of the grilled chicken. Overall, it’s palatable and delicious.

Also, special mention to the Nalé sauce. Creamy, a tad bit of spice and sour, when drizzled over the piece of grilled chicken, it’s satisfying.


Indomie Goreng Ayam Berempah

Indomie comes as a HUGE portion! See to confirm – the menu clearly read Indomie Double. I was skeptical about finishing this off. Indomie, as with Indomie at all other places, tasted similar (well, that’s Indomie from a pre-pack, what else to expect?). Now as I thought about it, Indomie is just like our comfort food. When we run into unexpected hunger at midnight, it’s Indomie which comes to our rescue. To give it an upgrade, Nalé’s version came with an onsen egg. God knows how heavenly this addition was, when mixed together, giving every strand of noodles extra smoothness. However, we must also admit that the Ayam Berempah was overcooked. It was rather dry and difficult to chew.


Gulai Sayur

We knew we needed a serving of vegetables which could give us a sense of “being healthy”. We weren’t too sure though, if Gulai Sayur really played its part in “convincing us a balanced diet”, most likely it did the otherwise. Therefore, full mark as a flavourful veggie side dish, but zero mark for health.


Overall, it is a very satisfying meal.

NALE – The Nasi Lemak Company

Mid Valley Megamall: G(E)-013, MIDVALLEY MEGAMALL, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (Google Maps)
iCity Shah Alam: LG34-B Central i-City No1 Persiaran Multimedia i-City, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor (Google Maps)
The Lunch Box Cafe Sunway Monash Residence: Persiaran Tasik Barat, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Google Maps)
⏰ Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM
☎️ Phone: +60322013581 (Mid Valley branch)

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