Pantai Esen @ Penang
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Pantai Esen: The Secluded Stretch of Beautiful, Sandy Beach in Permatang Damar Laut, Penang

I wonder how many best-kept secrets the country has to offer. When you’re willing to travel off the beaten path, you’ll be rewarded.

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We’ve been to Penang so many times that we can jokingly (but not a joke, really) claim ourselves local to Penang. This wonderful northern state of Peninsular Malaysia has so much to offer – scrumptious food, friendly locals and many hidden gems to be discovered: one of them being Pantai Esen, located in Permatang Damar Laut.

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Pantai Esen @ Penang

Pantai Esen: Where is it?

Pantai Esen is located in Permatang Damar Laut, Penang. Although being breathtakingly beautiful, the beach remains in unawareness, we guess it must have been due to its secluded location. One has to arrive at Permatang Damar Laut, takes a short hike along Lintang Permatang Damar Laut / Jalan Lereng Bukit before reaching the beach. The easy hike of approximately 500m shall take around 15 minutes. However, those who are physically challenged might have difficulties accessing the beach as the natural setting of the trail is not wheelchair-friendly.

Pantai Esen @ Penang

If you’re driving a car, please use this link (via Waze) to navigate Lintang Permatang Damar Laut.

Use Waze to drive to PANTAI ESEN ATV EXTREME PARK, 7289-J Lintang Permatang Damar Laut, Batu Maung:

Once you’ve parked your vehicle, pack your beachside necessities and you’re ready for the hike towards destination.

The Hike Towards Destination

Pantai Esen @ Penang

The trail will lead you through a small village, where you will be immediately “teleported” to the mood of being close to nature.

Pantai Esen @ Penang

As mentioned earlier, the short hike of 10-15 minutes is easy and uncomplicated. Along the route, there’re signages directing you – these signages are not too visible sometimes (due to poor positioning of them and intentional damages), but fret not, there are groups of hikers who can lead your way.

Pantai Esen @ Penang
We did it with Baby Z in tow. It wasn’t too difficult.
Pantai Esen @ Penang

As soon as you see a grove of coconut trees appearing in sight, you’ve completed 95% of the hike. The remaining 5% is neglectable, because beach mood is high!

Pantai Esen: It’s secluded yet beautiful.

We were there on a Sunday afternoon, so delighted to find only few families on the beach. It was our love at first sight. Peacefully embraced within a bay, the sea water was clear and waves rippling gently. It was a soothing moment with sea song of the waves echoing the soft giggles of playful children. At one end of the beach, smooth-edged rocks formed a picturesque frame with coconut trees as backdrop. The serenity was incomparable.

The rocks with coconut trees as backdrop – the iconic frame of Pantai Esen
Sea water gushing through.
The smiles of the faces of children are vivid

Of course, being ‘secluded’ means Pantai Esen is vendor-free. There wasn’t any ice-cream vendor on bike or snack stalls on the beach, the only luck you have is pretty much in your own picnic basket. It’s a complimentary remark, if you’re wondering. Here, we can spend an afternoon free from other distractions. Baby Z was frolicking happily at the edge of water, he enjoyed it when waves lapped gently onto his feet – I do, too. Mr B picked some seashells from the beach and showed his “collection” to Baby Z. Soon, both of them wandered off together to pick more seashells.

As afternoon heat kicked in, we quickly moved our mat to a spot under shadier tree, but soon discovered troops of ants around the spot. Alas, no luck with the spot! When thick layer of dark clouds drifted across the sky, we knew we had to leave.

A swing hanging from tree branch – a little piece of paradise for children.
Just before the dark clouds set in.

Some tips for visitors

  • It is very important to pack along insect repellent.
  • As you need to hike on the same route to get back to your car, we recommend being more observant of the weather change. As soon as rain is expected, do leave immediately.
  • Please be a civilised visitor. Keeping the beach clean is a shared responsibility.
  • We were unaware of toilet and changing facilities nearby. Therefore, it is safe to take along a bottle of clean water just to wash off dirt and sand.

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