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Perdana Botanical Garden @ Kuala Lumpur

What’s your secret of keeping yourself sane?

In a quiet and calming corner of Kuala Lumpur City Centre lies the Perdana Botanical Garden – the green lung of this bustling metropolis. Formerly known as Taman Tasik Perdana or Lake Gardens, it is part of the Heritage Park of Kuala Lumpur. Housing collections of tropical plants – the garden have not only botanical collections but also other features that give the visitors a relaxing and revitalising ambiance.

This was where we spent our pre-anniversary weekend.

The Location

Opening Hours

Perdana Botanical Garden opens 7am to 8pm daily.

How to get to Perdana Botanical Gardens?

  • By public transport – The nearest public transportation hub within walking distance is Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway station. Another option is to take the RapidKL bus B112 from Pasar Seni LRT station. This will drop you at the National Museum which is at the edge of the park.
  • By car – There are certain areas in the park that you can reach by car with designated parking spaces

What to do in Perdana Botanical Garden?

1. Exploring the park

Perdana Botanical Garden covers a huge area, with many interesting features to explore. From various species of plants to animals, to features like waterfalls, decking and spaces for recreational purposes – there are a lot to see and to experience. As Zyan tagged along us, we took along his little tricycle on purpose. The garden is well-structured with mobility-friendly paths, and that made our exploration hassle-free.

2. An outdoor lesson of nature

We observed this as an opportunity to expose Zyan to the many species of flora and fauna – we’re sure he didn’t learn all but it’s great to make this as an eye-opener. Schooling children or even adults may find themselves learning much about the nature too! In various stations in the park, there are explanatory boards to give visitors more in-depth information about the plants they see and even some clues and tips about preserving nature.

3. A spot to relax and unwind

Many individual visitors come to the park during weekend to spend time getting close to nature. Some read books leisurely under shady trees while some others came for other sports activities, such as jogging and cycling. Some parents like us would take young children to the garden for quality family time. Around Laman Perdana, we saw several children cycling and skateboarding happily. Perdana Botanical Garden is indeed a great place to relax and unwind oneself from daily stress.

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4. Another picnic spot in town

If you’re looking for a picnic spot, Perdana Botanical Garden should be in your list. On the weekend we were there, we spotted some families as well as groups of several friends got together on a picnic spree – be it under shady trees or at a spot in the vast field, everywhere seemed like an ideal spot for weekend picnic.

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5. A gem for photographers

Photography enthusiasts might find a lot of interesting subjects for photoshooting in Perdana Botanical Garden. I particularly like the view of city buildings from the lakeside – oh, not forgetting the shoals of fishes in the lake! On the day we were there, we saw a photographer taking pre-wedding photographs of a couple. This shows how beautiful this park is!

Making this a Day Trip

Perdana Botanical Garden is located in Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park. From the park, visitors can seize opportunity to also visit the National Museum and National Mosque. National Monument and Central Market is also within easy access from the botanical garden. Hence, visitors can easily spend a day within this proximity.

Friendly Reminder

  1. Insect / mosquito repellent is highly recommended.
  2. There are kiosks and cafés serving refreshments in the park. However, it is recommended to have a bottle of water in the bag just in case you need some water while not being near to any kiosk or café.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
  4. Be a responsible visitor. Take good care of amenities and every exhibit in the park. Do not litter.

What we think

There are a thousand ways to keep us sane, but getting close to nature is definitely our favourite way. Perdana Botanical Garden is the place to be if you’re looking for a weekend getaway in the proximity of city centre.

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