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Jom EAT! // Princeps Bistro, The Stories of Taman Tunku

Nothing beats the joy of having a cup of coffee overlooking greenery.

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Bukit Tunku (or Kenny Hills) is a neighbourhood known for its super-luxurious residence, ranging from mega-houses to opulently sizeable villas. We seldom come by this neighbourhood though, thinking nothing from it that we could afford. Until one public holiday when both Mr B and I weren’t working and Baby Z wasn’t going to nanny’s. We firstly thought of The Stories of Taman Tunku, which we heard is quite a sensational get-together hotspot lately. After browsing through its directory, we set our mind to have our brunch at Princeps Bistro.

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How to Get to Princeps Bistro?

Princeps Bistro is located at The Stories @ Taman Tunku. This is a commercial square which provides fundamental services and houses various retail outlets aimed at providing convenience to residents nearby. However, with its growing exposure and popularity, it becomes extremely busy during weekends and public holidays. It can be an ideal place, if not for the limited parking space which can hardly accommodate the number of visitors. Hence, many opt to park their car outside the square, along Jalan Langgak Tunku. Here’s a gentle reminder. It’s illegal to park along yellow line and tickets can be issued against offenders.

Use Waze to drive to Princeps bistro, Jalan Langgak Tunku, Kuala Lumpur:

Princeps Bistro: The Ambiance

Mr B and I mutually agree that the highlight of Princeps Bistro is the piece of grass-field right outside the al-fresco dining area. The greenery is soothing to eyes. Although the al-fresco area is not air-conditioned, the presence of trees and plants brings freshness and coolness to the few outdoor tables. In addition, the outdoor dining area is an ideal spot for photoshooting, since there is a good amount of natural lighting.

Unfortunately, ours was an impromptu plan, and the al-fresco dining area was full. The waiting staff didn’t manage to vacate any table, which we truly understood. Therefore, we opted to a table indoor, on the second floor. It was cozy to be in the café, the simple Nordic decor was on spot and in style.

Princeps Bistro: The Food & Beverages

Princeps Bistro serves mainly café food. Salads, breakfasts and brunches, to pastas and mains, everything seems legit. We wouldn’t say the menu here is extensive and we’re spoilt for choice, but they seem to have the extra magic to make everything looks exquisite.

Princeps:Day Menu | Princeps:Dinner Menu | Princeps:Beverages Menu

Big Breakfast

Personally, I am not a big fan of Big Breakfast. Many a time, we ordered Big Breakfast and were disappointed to find the plate full of processed food – such a let down.

However, I didn’t give a second thought to the Big Breakfast in Princeps. Well, the Big Breakfast here doesn’t literally mean big in portion, but I like the way they presented their passion on this plate. Every element seemed freshly prepared. Scrambled eggs were of perfect doneness, with the surface maintained a slight touch of half-liquid. Besides, the chicken sausages did not taste artificial at all, they were juicy and meaty. I like the salad being fresh and crisp, properly dressed with vinaigrette. Both grilled cherry tomatoes and potatoes were great sides, nothing should go wrong with fresh ingredients prepared in the most basic way. Mr B’s personal favourite was the butter-toasted sourdough bread, every bite was a satisfaction. He could have few more slices!


Smoked Salmon Pesto Spaghetti

I didn’t quite get the hoo-ha of pesto pasta until our final leg of Italian trip, where I had the best spaghetti al pesto I could ever ask for, in a trattoria in Rome. Ever since then, it became an unexplained love. Sadly, that was also one and only (to date) pesto that truly won my heart. The Smoked Salmon Pesto Spaghetti in Princeps was not bad, but still a distance away from the one. Good news was, the pesto did look legit with its bright-herby green colour, the olive oil drizzled over was okay, and the parmesan was freshly grated. All these made up a relatively good spaghetti al pesto, but the overly-salty smoked salmon had detrimentally overshadowed the fresh pesto.



We ordered iced latte and iced chocolate. Both came below expectation, rather diluted to my liking.


I wanted to guess that this Nutella Crepe wasn’t made in-house. It tasted like cakes from mass production.

Princeps Bistro @ The Stories of Taman Tunku

📍Address: Unit A1 Taman Tunku, Off, Jln Langgak Tunku, Bukit Tunku, 50480 Kuala Lumpur【GoogleMaps
⏰ Opening Hours: 9AM~10PM (Close on Monday)
☎️ Phone: +60362111866

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