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A Hidden Gem in Kuala Lumpur: Sentul Park

I always told myself I’ve known this area well enough – but it seems not.

During my secondary school years, I’d always had the opportunity to take part in inter-school activities, and that was how I became familiar with Sentul area. After all, Methodist Boy School Sentul (MBSS) was our partner in many students-organised events. Up till Malaysia Day, I always thought I know Sentul well enough – but on Malaysia Day itself, I noticed it was a one-sided thought.

Try spending A Day in Putrajaya. It’s an awesome experience.

“It’s Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre!” I’ve heard of this place several times but didn’t know the exact location of KLPAC building before this very day. The external wall of KLPAC building was made of red bricks – it gave the building a rustic, vintage charm. I’ve had high hopes. The field beside the building was green and inviting. We wondered why it was empty. It shouldn’t be.

A very sunny day. The heat penetrated through the soles of our shoes. It slowly overwhelmed us. “Don’t worry, we just need to walk a little quicker,” I persuaded myself to quicken my steps. It was a shame to confess that I didn’t know much about KLPAC – its purpose, its operation nor its facilities.

To our surprise, KLPAC only occupies a small area in the vast Sentul Park. On the other side of the building, we were delighted to see a lake so quietly and calmly enjoying the afternoon heat (not us though!). A few shady trees at the lakeside became picnic spot for some families – we’d just pass this time, although we did see a family leisurely laid their picnic towel under a tree and we were officially jealous of them. HELLO. CANNOT. The heat was almost unbearable.

As we were taking photos around the lakeside, a man appeared out of nowhere and forbade us from doing so. He claimed it’s a “private property” while pointing at a group of people who seemed to be having a “private event” at a café in KLPAC building. Well, we were confused. But as we came across more and more people taking photos at the same place, we were sure he actually meant “private event”.

We set our camera on Zyan’s stroller (thanks to have not brought our tripod with us) and took a rare family portrait of us three. Okay, I have to be very honest. We truly think Sentul Park has a range of impressive facilities and concepts – but is poorly maintained. As we walked along the lakeside walkway, we spotted a number of unfixed, broken structures. These might possess potential danger to visitors who aren’t careful enough, but are questionably left as it, without much precautionary warning.

The emerald-in-colour lake wasn’t limpid. The fact we couldn’t see anything deeper than the water surface. Several ducks were sighted on the lake islet. We seized the opportunity to teach Zyan some new words – but he didn’t seem interested. He’d rather roam around freely – I’m sure Billy had some hard time trying to walk beside Zyan. Yeah, it’s all about the heat.

One of our favourite destinations to escape tropical heat is Fraser’s Hill.

Billy loves fishes. He was rather excited to find out about Koi Centre in Sentul Park. However, the slightly run-down façade needed some reassurance – we weren’t convinced there was actually a koi pond there.

The water in the pond was not the clearest. We initially suspected there wasn’t any fish in the pond because we couldn’t spot any! We gave it another try. “Look! There’s a koi fish over that corner,” Billy excitedly pointed at the water, where a koi fish appeared near the water surface. Soon, a shoal of fish swam by, catching Zyan’s attention. Daddy’s son, I know.

This would be a great place to spend evening time, when the heat subsides. My only complaint was the lack of maintenance of the park – it could be ideal if a little more effort is invested into the upkeep. It’s only natural that a recreational place like this receives more awareness. Well, at least we spent an hour of happy time here.

Sentul Park

⏰ Opening Hours: 10:30AM – 6:30PM, Daily
There are some restaurants in Sentul Park which receive good remarks from my friends – Samira by Asian Terrace and Bistro Richard.
We haven’t any chance to try these restaurants yet but I assume eating in such ambience (near the koi pond) is relaxing and a great pleasure.

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