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[Travel Diary] Europe 2018 | 5. Brügge

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Day 3

17.3.2018 (Saturday)

Brügge, Belgium


“Hey, it’s snowing out there!” The hubby exclaimed. I rushed to the window, couldn’t believe that spring was supposed to set in. Surfaces were romantically covered in thin layers of snow. We were not too sure it’s a “yay” or a “nay” (didn’t have appropriate clothing for that!)

Snowy morning in Brugge, Belgium

We put on all possible clothes, sweaters and jackets from our luggage. It was still too cold (but at the same time, excited!). Every inch of skin exposed to the air felt like a frozen bit of dried pasta (unsure why).

That morning was definitely memorable. We came to a local market, where many vendors had set up their food trucks to sell hot and warm food directly from the trucks. It was a true blessing to bite into chunks of tender pork ribs just right off the grill and to take a sip of hot tomato soup from the pot. Yes, in snow, nothing beats hot food.

't Zand in Brugge, Belgium

The town died down to silence that morning, probably due to the weather. A few were seen passing by in a hurry. It seemed no one would embrace this coldness. Well, we certainly enjoyed the serenity! Like what he said, “Christmas came late!”

It continued to snow until late afternoon. By then, more people were seen on the streets, gazing at the miraculously beautiful town. We ended the day with a pot of mussels in cream and wine, fantastic (well, maybe not the price).

Probably not our best day, but it was fun to touch the snow.

Snowy day in Brugge, Belgium
Snowy day in Brugge, Belgium
Snowy day in Brugge, Belgium
Cathedral roof covered in snow in Brugge, Belgium.
Restaurant in Brugge, Belgium

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