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[Travel Diary] Europe 2018 | 6. Brussels

Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium
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Day 4

18.3.2018 (Sunday)

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels – The Capital of Belgium

We decided to drive to Brussels, although it was never part of our initial plan. We had another half day to spend before dropping off the rental car, the timing was just perfect. So, why not?

As we hit the highway, it began snowing again. I remembered how we ridiculed ourselves for choosing the wrong season to visit Belgium. We really wanted to see snow! I guess God must have heard of our dreams, so He sent some snow in spring to make our dreams come true. (But then we did not expect to have to battle the low temperature.)

The very first spot we visited in Brussels was Carrefour Express where we bought some sandwiches and a mug of mushroom soup, had them reheated in a microwave and called it our breakfast. Our trip could be this simple (and budget-friendly). We really did not expect to see much in Brussels but it turned out to be quite a moving decision.

When we were standing on the main square, the Grand Place, we were so inspired by its glorious architecture. I was here with only two ideas in my mind: Grand Place (checked) and Manneken Pis. Lucky enough for us, both the attractions were within short walking distance. Before our energy vanished in the cold air, we arrived at Manneken Pis. The statue was wearing a sweater and a cap!

Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium

To celebrate our unexpected experience in Belgium, we treated ourselves to the famous waffle served with chocolate sauce. The richness of the chocolate sauce left us in sheer enjoyment. Our trip to Belgium may seem very short, but it certainly did seem like an experience we shall never forget!

Disclaimer: Travel diaries are our first records of any trip. We write them after each day of our trip. Information might vary from time to time.

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