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“Can’t Travel Yet?” Let’s Vlog!

Documenting every travel journey has always been something we’re passionate about. From pre-travel planning, revelling in tripping moments to post-travel sharing – be it in the form of words, pictures or videos, there is always a reason for us to celebrate every stage of it. As much as words can paint a travel destination beautifully, we sometimes come across predicaments where words just don’t do justice – and this is when images and videos come to rescue. Visualising. If old-time wisdom taught us “A picture speaks a thousand words”, then in recent years, we come about revolutionary advancement: Video-Log (a.k.a. Vlog).

Introducing Travelmew

This is a new era – and yes, we do talk about advancing as a vlogger: getting rid of camera-shy, learning to stop stammering in front of camera and exploring platforms to output the videos. That’s how we discovered Travelmew. This is a new platform for content creators and fellow travellers to share and benefit from 1-minute vlogs. Here you can find a great amount of useful tips on travelling as well as food-hunting.

Let’s explore the features on Travelmew together! First thing first, from the homepage itself, users can choose their preferred language (the selections at present are English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia). This simply means it’s a platform for all.

Share your vlogs on Travelmew

Whether you wish to share a vlog or to save itineraries which inspire you, the most convenient way is by signing up an account. And you’re ready to go! Travelmew‘s most exciting feature is the ability to share vlogs up to 60 seconds in length, so if you encounter an interesting place to visit, a hidden-gem that’s almost unknown to others, an Instagrammable cafĂ© that can be the next trend, just document and upload it to Travelmew (who knows you can be the next star-vlogger in fame!).

Trip information

And Travelmew is more than just sharing vlogs – apart from uploading vlogs, users can input relevant information about the trip – itinerary arrangements, details about each location and even the rates and prices! Now, we absolutely like this feature. At the end of the day, we have a legit record of almost all aspects, it does help to tabulate trip details, doesn’t it?

We have tried all the features hands-on and enjoyed it. The users’ interface is simple and direct (and loads pretty fast too), fuss-free and comprehensive. Everyone can use.

Save itineraries

If you’re on Travelmew and stumble upon itineraries which trigger your inner-travel-hunger (but sadly can’t travel at the moment), just copy and save the itineraries for future use. This video gives you an insight how this can be done.

Looking for options to redefine your travel experience? We guess Travelmew can be the right platform for it. And it’s now on GooglePlay (download here)! If you’re already on Travelmew, the next thing to do is to follow us @bishsays. See you there!

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