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Travel with Baby // World of Phalaenopsis in Ulu Yam

Phalaenopsis, commonly known as moth orchids, is a genus of about seventy species of plants in the family Orchidaceae. – Wikipedia

We are not entirely flower-loving people but when we heard about the establishment of World of Phalaenopsis in Ulu Yam, we really wanted to plan up a visit to this place. To be frank, we’ve revisited this place a few times after our initial visit before MCO.

Tucked away in the quiet village of Kampung Sungai Kamin in Ulu Yam Baharu, World of Phalaenopsis has been drawing the attention of visitors. It makes a good idea to plan an itinerary which covers the surrounding area as a day trip plan.

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We departed from Kuala Lumpur late in the morning, around 10:30AM. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ulu Yam passes by slightly winding road with refreshing scenery. We drove along the bank of a massive lake into lush jungle where trees and plants line both sides of the road. Along the way, we drove past several picnic spots too, making the trip extra enriching. We arrived at Ulu Yam around noon and it was time for brunch.

Ulu Yam is famous for “Loh Mee“, a type of Malaysian noodle dish with thick noodles cooked in thick gravy, often served with vinegar. Our usual joint to enjoy this dish is Chuan Kee Restaurant in Ulu Yam Lama. We like the modest ambience of this village, and the greenery surrounding the road linking Ulu Yam Baharu and Ulu Yam Lama.

After brunch, we leisurely made our way to World of Phalaenopsis. Since it’s located far deep in the village, first-timers should pay extra attention and watch out for their signage. Parking space is limited but on busy days there will be RELA officers on duty to control the traffic flow, making it much more bearable. Right at the entrance, there are two huge flower nurseries on both sides. Visitors can enter the nurseries but care must be taken not to harm the flowers in any way. There are notices around the place to remind visitors to be extra careful. 

We assume this must be a paradise for flower-lovers, especially to those who love orchids. We did not particularly study on orchids, but considering the number of blooms and the variety of colour range, it was still a sight to behold. It was a thorough enjoyment. There is also an Instagram-worthy cafe here. On days when the place is crowded with visitors, it is quite a challenge to secure a seat for your tea break. (Tips: Visit on a weekday if possible!). The cafe serves simple food and drinks, but the experience of sipping at a cup of tea in a cafe so beautifully embellished with flowers and green plants, while overlooking waterlily pond is simply incomparable.

Photos in the cafe were taken previously

Zyan boy especially loves the time pointing and babbling at the ducks in his own language. We then, too, assume that he likes the place. If we’re lucky enough to have a place to enjoy tea time here, we could have easily spent 2-3 hours here. Alas, luck wasn’t on our side this day, so after being tired walking around, we decided to proceed to our next destination! Oh, not to forget the icy-stick we bought from an old uncle at the entrance. It’s absolutely nostalgic!

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World of Phalaenopsis

📍 Address: 1017, Jalan Batang Kali – Hulu Yam Bharu, Kampung Sungai Kamin, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily 9AM – 5PM
☎️ Phone: 03-6075 1133
🌏 Website:
🚗 Parking: Parking is easy within the area.
Admission: FREE


We love every moment spent exploring around during weekends. However, we truly hope that all who travel and visit around to have the courtesy of adhering health and hygiene SOP laid under MCO. It is through our honest effort shall we see through this adversity together.

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